The Fire Alarm System Inspection Professionals


Owning a building or managing properties is complicated, potentially expensive, and possibly life threatening when certain life safety requirements are not up to code or not functioning properly. At American Backflow and Fire Prevention, our licensed professionals are skilled in handling all your fire alarm needs listed below. If you are unclear on the requirements or unsure if your building is safe and up to code, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

  • Fire Alarm System Inspections and Testing
  • Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Repairs
  • System Upgrades, Additions, and Build-outs
  • Notifications, tracking, and auto-inspections available
  • Track history or current work order status of multiple properties. Create year end budget reports and view history of previous inspection reports
  • All prices guaranteed by our “Best Price Guarantee”
  • Consulting, Design, and Engineering Services
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

Fire Alarm Inspection

We are a team of fire experts with enormous skills at combating any emergency like situations that may arise accidentally or due to a flaw in the fire alarm system. The American Backflow and Fire Prevention is a leading name in this exceedingly important emergency service, known for offering quick solutions to such problems in no time across Illinois in the US.

A meticulous fire alarm system protects property, human lives, and costly assets from sudden fire hazards. We conduct stringent fire alarm inspection and scrutinize every possible angle before certifying the efficacy of such system. The efficiency and performance issues of equipment may arise due to faulty materials or general wear and tear.

Our frequent checks and evaluation trace even minimal things that could affect the overall competence of system. The external particles like dust, dirt and other minuscule metals floating in the air may also create some performance issues in the smoke detectors; our certified engineers carry out fire alarm inspection to the best of their potentials.

American Backflow and Fire Prevention - Fire Alarm Inspection Services

  • Fire Alarm System Inspections and Testing: Our licensed engineers check the flame, alarm sensors and smoke detectors to certify they are safe and operational.
  • Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Repair: We also conduct specific system-related sensitivity tests to gauge the firm alarm system's overall responsiveness to a particular substance in the atmosphere.
  • On-Time Emergency Services: Apart from offering timely solution and emergency services during any fire mishap or hazards, our capable support staff immediately brings any such accident to the notice of the fire department for further action.
  • System Upgrades and Removal of Faulty Parts: We also do additional checks including replacement of battery if required during fire alarm inspection.
  • Round the Clock Engineering Services: We understand the value of our client's trusts and frequent engineering services to ensure that even minuscule differences in the alarm system could be aptly corrected.
  • Notification and Auto Inspection: Before entering into any inspection, we sign the service agreement with parties to assure them of our immediate emergency service on the daily basis if necessary. We provide auto inspection in which the machine raises alarm itself immediately on detecting something wrong with its functioning.
  • Quality Services at the Best Price: We always value the quality of services and retaining a long-term relationship with our clients. Especially, in the case of fire safety, our fire alarm inspection follows all the necessary standards while certifying proper working of fire alarm system.

We always believe in offering maximum benefits to the clients at the best possible price. Our up-to-date maintenance work will certainly prevent people from falling prey to fire tragedy.